4 Key Skills to Cultivate as a Woman in STEM

4 Key Skills to Cultivate as a Woman in STEM

Despite efforts to increase diversity recruitment strategies in STEM, women continue to be disproportionately represented in the makeup of the technology industry. Moreover, women of color within this industry are more likely to face roadblocks to career advancement and parity in comparison to their white female and male counterparts. 

According to Builtin.com, “Black women can encounter many challenges their coworkers don’t, ranging from extra personal and work responsibilities to cultural misunderstanding and biases at work, as well as the ongoing effects of historic disinvestment and lack of generational wealth.” 

At MinTech Agency, fostering and supporting diversity in the tech space is a top priority. Here are four critical habits women in tech should cultivate in order to thrive within their positions and to mitigate the unique challenges in the workplace. 

Build a Supportive Network 

As data published by McKinsey & Company illustrate, the pressures of COVID-19 have led 1 in 4 senior women to consider stepping out of or slowing down in their careers, with Black women facing “additional unique challenges” from both COVID-19 and the increase in incidents of racial injustice that reached a boiling point in the early days of the pandemic. 

In times like these, having a resource pool of like-minded career professionals to tap into when you’re considering a career change or are in need of professional advice is crucial. 

Never Stop Learning

In today’s digital age, online certifications and advanced learning degrees are just a click away. The more you know, the wider your net of opportunity becomes and the more value you can provide to your organization or team. 

Sharpen your technical acumen by actively pursuing diversity-driven career opportunities or resources, like a recently announced initiative from Google that aims to provide over 100,000 Black women with educational resources for digital skills, interview training, and resume improvement. 


Speak Up!

As a woman in STEM, it can be intimidating to voice your opinions and ask for the things you want. However, in a highly-competitive and fast-moving industry like the tech world, it is critical that you advocate for yourself and practice clear and confident communication with your team, co-workers, and employer. 

Time for a Career Change? Consult a Diversity-Focused Recruiter

By being aware of the unique challenges you will likely face as a woman in STEM, you can survey the landscape and be strategic about the way you approach career changes or advances. Consider connecting with recruitment agencies like MinTech Agency that value diversity, and will work with you to negotiate the best possible career opportunities for you based on your specific goals and needs. 

The Virtual Tech Events To Attend In 2020

The Virtual Tech Events To Attend In 2020

Professional development can be elusive with work and life to manage, however it is super important for any tech professionals growth. With so many events and conferences being shifted to the virtual space we curated a list of events to definitely check out. 

The Girls in Tech Conference 

The Girls in Tech Conference is your chance to have a real conversation about all the things that matter —- life experiences, triumphs, setbacks, tricks of the trade and industry trends. It will feature motivational presentations from some of the most extraordinary minds in tech, science, space and business, meaningful networking opportunities, breakout sessions, meditation, music, and more.

Energy Connect Conference

A day of innovations in energy, clean technology, and climate mitigation! This year, our annual conference Energy Connect will focus on female representation and equity in the enegry and cleantech spaces nationwide, and address the challenges and opportunities for cleantech startups working in the climate-focused areas in the Greater Boston area.

The Black is Tech Virtual Conference 2020

The Black Is Tech Virtual Conference will be held on Sept. 24- 25, 2020 and attract over 6000 black and minority tech professionals and entrepreneurs streaming our sessions, networking with one another, and connecting with recruiters, all from the comfort of their homes.


Virtual Tech Career Conference

While we navigate through these uncertain times and practice social distancing for the time being we have decided to connect our community of TECH job seekers, career coaches and employers through our Virtual Career Conference.

TBI’s BIG Event 

TBI’s first virtual BIG Event will take place over one week with two hours of programming each day. The week will be filled with educational workshops and valuable presentations from some of the industry’s best and brightest on the hot topics everyone is talking about: cloud communications, IoT, mobility, cybersecurity, and more. Stick around for some fun activities after each day’s programming, like virtual beer tasting and cocktail making. free

VMworld 2020 | September 29 – October 1 | VMware  

This year, VMWorld is a virtual event for the tech professional looking to gain knowledge and momentum in the realm of cloud-based applications, security issues, and innovations. free

BII Summit: The World’s No.1 Blockchain Investment Event 

BII SUMMIT is an event that specializes in helping technology companies and investors meet under one (virtual) roof to create long-term business relationships. 

Women of Power Tech

Our inaugural virtual conference, WPTech provides a rich, unduplicated platform with sessions, workshops, and coaching to help you identify new trends and opportunities and gain the digital upskilling necessary to advance across an array of tech-driven industries.


The groundbreaking, revolutionary experience for Black techies, startups and entrepreneurs returns! Come join 10,000+ of your fellow founders, entrepreneurs and engineers as we scale our collective power in culture, innovation and tech.

Tech Inclusion

Join us on October 13-15 for a virtual experience and a global discussion about the changes happening in the tech industry and what actions are needed today. This year we’ll strategize how we can create equity in the tech industry, how Venture Capital and entrepreneurship ecosystems are evolving to become more inclusive, and the impact of the stories we consume and share in the media.