MinTech Life: Alexandria Powell, MinTech Recruiter

MinTech Life: Alexandria Powell, MinTech Recruiter

Alexandria Powell is our newest recruiter for MinTech Agency, handling our recruiting outreach, interview and relationship building with candidates and our clients. A native of Cleveland, OH who now calls Pennsylvania home with her husband and two beautiful children including one newborn:). Alex has a true heart for helping people and believes in the MinTech vision that following a job path in tech can truly change your life, family and community. Keep reading to learn more about Alex and make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Can you tell us a little about you?

I started at the University of Akron. I have a bachelor’s degree in communications/public relations. I moved to Pennsylvania in 2014 to begin my master’s program, so I have a master’s in public administration from Penn State University. During my time at Penn State, I worked as an employment specialist for Goodwill Industries helping to find employment for individuals with barriers. This could mean helping people with criminal histories, disabilities, the elderly or veterans. I worked very closely with businesses in the Pennsylvania area to help employ those individuals. I most recently was a talent coordinator for Terra Lingua USA which is a small exchange program for high school students. My job was to find community coordinators and host families for our international exchange students. I also spent time as the career services director for the Ohio Media School working to help students interested in the media field find employment. 

I’ve had a special experience working with people who have those barriers, so I came to HR to try to make a difference.

You attended university for Communications and PR. What led you into recruiting and HR?

My goal while I was working toward my bachelors was to work in a nonprofit. I really have a passion for helping people better their lives in any way I can. Throughout my work as an employment specialist and helping those individuals find work within their communities, I figured out that I wanted to be on the other side. I have this perspective that a lot of people in HR or talent acquisition don’t necessarily have or see. I’ve had a special experience working with people who have those barriers, so I came to HR to try to make a difference.      

That is cool that your expertise in PR has aligned with your purpose of helping people through tech recruiting and connection.       

Yes! I find joy in meeting new people and hearing their stories. I think throughout all of the roles I’ve had, the theme has been consistent with me meeting new people, learning their stories and analyzing those stories to help get them into the right spaces. 

So, how did you learn about MinTech?

I originally heard about MinTech when I was looking for a new role in the recruiting field. I was looking for something more fast-paced and really wanted something that presented me with a  larger challenge. Karen reached out to me via UpWork. When I actually started to look more into MinTech, Karen’s mission of helping underrepresented individuals really spoke to me. Although it’s tech, it still serves that same purpose of helping others, and I’ve worked with that mission in my other roles. I’ve always been the kind of person who has taken a passion for helping Black and brown people. I actually have a certificate in Pan-African studies (they didn’t have a minor program in this field at my university). It’s always been a mission of mine to work in diversity in some form whether it was helping people with barriers at Goodwill or helping MinTech serve people of color. That is one thing that draws me to Karen is her passion for helping people of color. Her mission speaks to me. If I can be of service in any way, I will definitely jump at the opportunity. Funny story, I’d actually just started a new role at a different company when Karen reached out to me and realized that MinTech was where I needed to be. 

What does a day in the life look like for you as a recruiter at MinTech?

I work very closely with Karen. Every morning, Karen and I will sit and talk about our strategy for the day. Including, how we will find individuals to fill the roles that we currently have available.  Whether that means posting on social media or contacting individuals through LinkedIn or reaching out to individuals we’ve met in the past to re-engage. Also, talking with our clients to make sure we’re keeping them up to date and informed of our search efforts. 

One thing I’ve learned, even from my own job search, is that you are your best advocate.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work with a recruiter? 

One thing I’ve learned, even from my own job search, is that you are your best advocate. You know your skills and what assets you bring to a company. As a recruiter, we come across lots of resumes, so the best thing you can do is continue to be your biggest advocate. If you see a role on MinTech, reach out to me or Karen and let us know why you’d be a good fit for the role.  Also, just staying in touch and keeping your information up to date so that we can see your progress. Maybe you didn’t have a skill last year, but your update tells us that you’ve spent the past year developing that skill and that will stand out.    

To learn about the roles Alex is currently recruiting for, visit the MinTech Job Page.

MinTech Lived Experiences Summer Talk Series Recap

MinTech Lived Experiences Summer Talk Series Recap

We hosted an amazing tech talk series in September that brought together professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and more to share their lived experiences. As a firm built on ensuring people of color are seen and provided opportunities to excel in tech, this series was a true labor of love to celebrate our official 1 year in business.  

It was so inspiring to connect with over 150 people each Wednesday to share the face of tech not always seen. There were so many thought provoking experiences shared and real questions poised. As one of our panelists shared “The gold rush of our generation is tech”.  

As Karen Williams, CEO and Founder also shared, “We have to have representation. People go to work and will work hard for a company if they feel they can obtain the things they see.” This was our goal for the series and we look forward to continuing to elevate the face of tech one person at a time.  

View all four talks from our YouTube channel by clicking the link(s) below:

Talk 1: The Making of a Diversity Recruiting Firm + The Clients Who Value Them

Talk 2: Our Tech Story

Talk 3: Starting & Thriving For The Culture in Tech Entrepreneurship

Talk 4: The Digital Nomad Life


MinTech Turns 1 + Kicks Off Celebration With A 4-Week Talk Series

MinTech Turns 1 + Kicks Off Celebration With A 4-Week Talk Series

MinTech Agency, Nashville’s only diversity tech recruiting firm quietly launched last year and secured our first major client within 30 days. Our goal has been to diversify the face of tech and have connected with Fortune 500 brands who have trusted us to do just that within their workplaces.

As Karen Williams, CEO and Founder shares, “I started MinTech because I knew from first hand experience the impact a career in tech could have on an individual, their family and community.” An impact allowing MinTech employees and direct placements an opportunity to secure mid to senior level roles with highly competitive salaries and benefits. 

To celebrate our milestone, MinTech will host a 4-week virtual talk series – Lived Experiences in Tech with MinTech ( The series kicks off on September 9, 2020 and share emerging stories of people of color in tech in their own words. There will be a live virtual talk every Wednesday which will include a killer line-up of tech professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives from across the country. The face of tech is transforming and MinTech Agency is definitely a company leading the charge in and outside of Nashville. 

View our speaker line-up



Mintech Agency Accepted Into This Year’s EO Catalyst Program

Mintech Agency Accepted Into This Year’s EO Catalyst Program

MinTech Agency was recently accepted into the EO Catalyst program. An esteemed program to help businesses grow to $1 million in annual sales that have already reached the $250,000 annual revenue mark. MinTech was awarded a diversity scholarship through an inaugural partnership between EO Nashville and the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce. Our Founder, Karen Williams shares a little about why she is excited to be a part this upcoming 2020-2021 cohort. 

What made you apply to the EO Catalyst program?  

Well first, I’ve heard so many great things about the EO Catalyst program and how it really can help to grow your business and business network. It’s still true who you know and who knows you is important because to grow a business you need those connections to make a warm introduction or refer your business.
Secondly, I started and have grown MinTech from nothing to $250,000 our first year and during a pandemic with the basics and a lot of support from the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. So I know if I apply the processes I’ll learn from Catalyst I can take MinTech over the million dollar mark. With that I’m able to hire more people and support more tech talent that look like me to find the right company and role to grow their career in tech. 
Lastly, what I learn is mine and can’t be taken away I can teach those same principles to my children and spouse and continue to create generational wealth for my family and these around me.

What are you looking to accomplish as a result of being apart?  

I want to accomplish control and understanding of my growth/scale strategy. I want to walk away with a wealth of knowledge and actionable processes around building a profitable business. 

You can learn more about the EO Catalyst program by visiting