Negotiating the Salary You Want

Negotiating salaries can be daunting. Read on to learn the top four tips on what you can do when you’re ready to negotiate!

Should you consider getting a second degree for your tech career?

Are you considering getting a second degree for your tech career and don’t know where to start? Check this article and learn more!

How to change your specialty in IT in 6 steps

Have you been thinking about developing new skills or adding a specialty in IT and don’t know where to start? Click here to read how!

You Have Decided You Want To Become A Tech Lead. Now What?

Want to become a tech lead or senior tech professional? Click here, read on, and learn the skills that you need to become a tech lead!

Three Things to Know Before Joining a Startup

Thinking about joining a startup? Read on to learn about three things you should know first before joining one.

3 Questions To Ask During A Remote Technical Job Interview

Is remote work right for me? Check out the top 3 questions to ask your hiring manager in your next interview to land your remote technical job.  

Should You Work With A Recruiter?

Should you work with a recruiter? This is the top question many candidates ask themselves when seeking a new job opportunity.

Picking The Right Company In Uncertain Times

Picking the right company can be an impactful part of your career journey, especially in these uncertain times.

4 Things Every Recruiter Looks For On Your Tech Resume

6 seconds! This is how long a recruiter gives to each resume they review to determine your qualifications. This is why your resume must immediately speak to why you are the best candidate for the job. 

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