Should you consider getting a second degree for your tech career?


Written by Jacq

October 25, 2021

If you are looking to boost your tech career by getting a second degree and don’t know why doing this would help you, be sure to keep reading this article!

Today, many specialties opportunities are rising in the tech industry. This is something that did not happen some years ago, as the educational field usually offered few degree options.

However, with the tech industry leveraging up pretty fast, getting a second degree may sound like a good opportunity for tech professionals to enhance their careers, change paths or find more job opportunities in other tech-related fields.

Should you consider getting a second degree for your tech career

How to choose your second degree? 

Before deciding which path to pursue, it’s essential to consider some things like:  

  • Your goals. When choosing a second degree, having clear goals about what you want to achieve is crucial to trace an educational path that it’s really worth for you. Therefore, define your goals properly before taking any steps. 
  • Your time. Consider how much time you have available to dedicate to it. 
  • The area of expertise you want to get in. Before choosing, also evaluate the market and opportunities in the new specialty you are seeking to enroll in. This way, you can verify if it’s really worth it. 

Degree options for tech professionals 

Check out some degree options you can pursue in your new specialty! 

Computer Science 

A computer science degree usually offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, meaning you can enroll in bachelor’s or master’s programs depending on your goals.  

In these programs, students can explore many fields like:  

  • Artificial Intelligence; 
  • Software Engineering; 
  • Software Development; 
  • Game Design and Development, among others. 

Educational Technology 

This field of expertise provides graduate-seekers the opportunity to contribute to the learning system in regard to technology studies.  

Professionals in this field can enroll in master’s degrees and search for job opportunities in educational, business, and other areas, in positions like: 

  • Consultant; 
  • Computer Instructor; 
  • Course Designer; 
  • Corporate Training; 
  • Project Manager, etc.  

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

This is a fundamental area of expertise in today’s world, and the students seeking a second degree in this field can find job opportunities as: 

  • Hardware Design Engineers; 
  • Project Engineers; 
  • System Engineers; 
  • Circuits Engineers; 
  • Controls Engineers, etc. 

An undergraduate degree will probably be required in this field. 

Information Systems 

Information Systems is a broad sector that deals with many issues related to the IT field. The degree-seeker can find job opportunities in the educational, business, government, and other areas. Some positions are: 

  • Systems analysts; 
  • Computer Programmers; 
  • Computer Support Specialists; 
  • Consultants, etc. 

Library Science and Information Studies 

This is a more unusual line of work in the tech field. However, many tech professionals are searching to enroll in a master’s degree in this field to explore studies like content management, chief information officer, library systems, and application development, among others.  

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

MBA degrees can offer career paths in areas like marketing, management, finances, and administration. This can be a great opportunity for tech professionals who seek positions in the business field.  

Job opportunities are: 

  • Market Research Analysts; 
  • Chief Executive; 
  • Training and Development Manager; 
  • Financial Manager, etc. 


Techno-MBA degrees gather a traditional MBA degree with the IT field and offer more high-demand job opportunities to tech professionals seeking to enroll in sectors like innovation, transformation, digital strategies, IT design, telecommunications, etc. 

Computer Animation, Graphics, and Multimedia 

These areas of expertise involve positions related to creativity, such as web productions and TV. Professionals in this field are responsible for creating visual pieces, computer graphics, animation, and visual effects. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees.   


In Telecommunications, the tech professional can explore fields like the Internet of Things, wireless networks, communications systems, and more. Tech professionals can enroll in advanced degree programs and find jobs positions like: 

  • Data analyst; 
  • Computer programmer; 
  • Systems manager, etc. 

Now that you know some possibilities and career paths, you are ready to take the next step in your tech career and enroll in a second-degree program to boost your skills!  

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