5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Level Up Your Tech Career In a New Role

5 reasons why its time to level up your tech career in a new role

Written by Jacq

August 30, 2021

Are you considering leveling up or changing your tech career? It’s not just you. Over the course of a person’s working life, they typically change positions five to seven times.

Surveys show that most people have at least ten jobs before the age of 50, meaning that leveling up your career may be more accessible to you than to prior generations.

The workplace is evolving, whether through flextime, remote work, or part-time work.

Traditionally, people learned skills and stayed in the same profession for their entire lives, building a solid career path.

As the workforce becomes more dynamic, education and training become increasingly important. Taking advantage of these changes made it possible for people to learn in different ways, such as via online courses.

Work used to be seen only as a means of income, but now it is widely recognized that a fulfilling career is one of the keys to living a happy life.

However, taking on a new tech role or changing your career path is not an easy decision to make. It is quite normal to feel nervous about moving out of your comfort zone and taking on such a risk. The tech industry is no different.

In this light, you should prepare yourself to make career decisions by taking a closer look at some of the reasons why you ought to move up.

Here are 5 reasons why now is an excellent time to advance your tech career!

5 reasons why its time to level up your tech career in a new role

You want higher job satisfaction 

During our careers, we will come to the point where we begin questioning some decisions even when we are happy with our work, our roles, and our relationships at work. A few years may pass and everything may become routine, as it is natural.  

A career upgrade may be what you need if you like to be challenged, work hard, and try new things.  

In a recent study of UK workers, job satisfaction was found to be the second most important indicator of overall life satisfaction. It’s not a huge surprise, though. You are likely to look at your work first if you feel unsatisfied. 

To achieve professional satisfaction and fulfillment, we sometimes need to dig a bit deeper.  

It’s okay to be a bit comfortable from time to time, but it’s good to try something new every once in a while that will help you learn new skills and develop professionally and personally. 


Your values ​​have changed 

A job is like a relationship: sometimes you just grow in different directions.  

Although you’ve already fallen in love with your company’s mission, your values may have changed since then. Some things you liked to do at 22 may no longer be relevant at 40, and it’s okay if you change drastically over the course of your life.  

Maybe you have had a spiritual awakening and want to leave the office and work in a more relaxed environment. Alternatively, although financial security wasn’t a priority for you when you were younger, your financial circumstances have changed and you want more stability than your current role provides. 

A tech career pivot may be necessary as a result of these changes in values, concerns, and priorities. 


You want to focus on other things and have more flexibility

In our busy lives and routines, we don’t always get time to dedicate to our other hobbies or interests.  

Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your family or continue to pursue a hobby you’re passionate about. Or perhaps you would like to travel more.  

This is an excellent reason to consider raising your career level or changing tech jobs, as it will allow you to have more work flexibility and independence to determine where and when to work. 

The trend of workers working part-time as their primary job has grown in Europe. Therefore, depending on your individual situation, working fewer hours might be an option for you.  

Advancing your tech career could be the key to discovering that life is more than work.


You want more opportunities to grow as a leader 

We all face times in our careers when we have to grow and take on new roles, or take on greater responsibilities.  

You can level up your career simply by taking on more opportunities and developing new skills, such as leadership.  

In the technology industry, we have the opportunity to learn and experience new things every day.  

Tech professionals often have the power to design or market something completely new, trust their instincts, take risks with potentially phenomenal results, and see real-time business opportunities and seize them as they arise. 

The ability to come up with ideas and collaborate are two important skills you can develop as you progress in your career. To become a leader, you must work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and strive to learn and grow so you can lead a fruitful professional life.  


You want a salary increase

Many people choose to change careers due to money concerns. 

You can increase your salary and have more fulfillment at work and in life by leveling up your career.  

Increasing your salary is one way that you can improve your life overall. In addition to ensuring more flexibility and letting you invest in new activities that you have always wanted to do, you can also save for retirement and focus on future endeavors. 

What do you think about these reasons? Leveling up your career in tech is a great way to change jobs or try something new whether you’re unhappy with your current one or just looking for something new. Today, the possibilities are endless!


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