Three Things to Know Before Joining a Startup

Written by Jacq

May 6, 2021

Working at a startup in tech or STEM can be an exciting place for professional growth and development. However, the startup working environment is unique. Continue reading to learn about the key things to know before joining a startup.

Startups are known for being the movers and shakers of their industries. Innovative ideas and products are often formed at startups, and are then backed by investors through funding rounds that support the company’s mission, idea, or products.


If joining a hard-working team in a fast-paced environment is something that interests you, the startup environment may be right for you. But before you send of your applications to startups far and wide, here are a few key things that prospective applicants should know before joining a startup:

1. You Will Get to Know Your Team Closely

Startups can range from small to midsize organizations. While there is ample time for independent work at a startup, close collaboration with your team members is often a necessary part of the job. 

In addition, it is not unusual for you to work closely with or know your startup’s founders. Thus, it is important that you believe in and are motivated by the company’s value proposition or mission statement, as you’ll play a key role in spearheading it. 

Before accepting a job offer at a startup, do your homework on the founders, the company’s mission, and its culture to make sure these critical elements are a fit for you.

2. Be Prepared to Work Unusual Hours

The unpredictable nature of startups, especially within a highly changeable and unpredictable market like technology or STEM, will likely result in you working long or odd hours. 

There may be nights when you and your team members are burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline or a client’s revision. If work life integration is important to you, carefully consider whether a startup’s unstructured working style is right for you.

3. You Will Wear Multiple Hats

If you want to work at a startup, be prepared to take on projects or responsibilities that may not have been mentioned in the job description. Unlike at a larger organization, where there are different departments handling different sections of the work, the long-term success of the startup often depends heavily on the individual or joint contributions of its team members. 

Before joining a startup, assess whether or not the unique level of dedication and commitment needed to achieve long-term success at a startup is right for you.

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