Should You Work With A Recruiter?

Written by Ashley

November 13, 2020

Should you work with a recruiter? This is the top question many candidates ask themselves when seeking a new job opportunity. As a recruiting firm that puts our candidates first, we wanted to breakdown what working with a recruiter entails. Check out below and you can always contact us directly with questions you may have as you enter your job search. We are here to help.

Skip To The Front of The Line

If you are a good match for the role we can get your resume directly in front of the hiring manager instead of you applying and hoping to get selected.


Risk-Free Opportunity

There is no cost to you as the candidate! All recruiter fees are paid by the hiring company. Additionally, a recruiter/candidate relationship creates an automatic win-win for everyone involved. We are always working for you.

Compensation and Benefit Negotiations Done Right

The recruiter can negotiate the best possible compensation and benefits for you since they often have access to industry salary data and are fully aware of their client’s budget. At MinTech, we also have real conversations with our cadidates to ensure their goals are identified.


Exclusive Hiring Insight

A recruiter has discussed the role with the hiring manager or HR and understands what they are looking for beyond the job description. This is vital as the pool selection is narrowed the closer you get to your final interview and potential offer.


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