Meet Our MinTech Fall Interns


Written by Jacq

October 21, 2020

We are excited to welcome our fall marketing interns to MinTech. As a growing Nashville tech startup, brand awareness has and will continue to be in helping us grow. Our fall interns will be a part of our content marketing efforts allowing them a chance to receive hands-on knowledge within their current majors. Keep scrolling to learn a little more about each of our new interns.

Interested in working with MinTech Agency during the spring semester? Email with your resume.


Anthony Harris, Jr.

Junior at Middle Tennessee State University, Class of ’22

Major: Business Marketing

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Anthony is a Business Marketing major who is interested in the diversity of opportunities that this major has to offer. As he shares, “I am excited to work with MinTech because they inspire to help people like me.” Anthony will be working on research and marketing data projects to help us understand our core audiences along with helping to find and build new partner relationships. 


Deysi Flores

Senior at Tennessee State University, Class of ’21

Major: Business Administration, Marketing concentration

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Deysi selected Marketing as her major because it is fun yet challenging. It provides businesses with the tools necessary to connect and provide value for customers in the market. She enjoys the aspects of marketing that involve creativity, analytics, problem-solving, and research. “It fascinates me to see the different approaches that marketers take to deliver the correct message to current and potential customers. I also enjoy learning about research concerning consumer behavior.”

Why are you excited to work with MinTech?

MinTech Agency is providing me with the opportunity to get a foot in the door and take off with my career in marketing. I’m excited to work with a team of professionals that are dedicated to creating a positive impact in this world. MinTech is focusing on helping companies recruit Black and Latinx tech talent. As a Latin woman, I truly appreciate the focus on developing diversity in tech. The founder and CEO, Karen Williams, and the Marketing Manager, Ashley Lawal,  are two women that have truly inspired me.

Before you go..

Don’t forget to create your MinTech profile today! When new roles drop that are a good fit, we will contact you. We receive new roles regularly and would like to assist you in your job search. 


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