Working From Home With Your Kids


Written by Karen W.

August 13, 2020

Yes, it is possible to thrive while working from home with your kids. It can be challenging but very attainable. With schools and childcare facilities closing for weeks in order to prevent the highly contagious disease from spreading, your household has become both work,home and play. Although it might take some time, it is possible to be productive while your children are a few feet away. Here’s a few tips we compiled from our team and employees to you.

Establish a routine 

Both you and your children thrive on routines, right. So it is important to set out some kind of structure for the day. It doesn’t have to be super rigid just attainable. By Make sure to incorporate things like reading, play and outdoor activity whenever possible. By setting specific goals you are giving your children things to work towards which is always positive.

Have a designated workspace 

This is a productivity booster and can also help set boundaries for you along with your family. It’s also great if your work area has a door. Some parents may not have the option of a separate space with a door, but you can make any area your go-to for work. This can help in transitioning from work to school to home/family time. Trust us.



Set expectations with the people in your life

Communicating clearly about what you have on your plate to the people in your life will help everyone understand. This includes your manager,colleagues, family and children. It is always better to be honest and up front about your capacity in the midst of transition. For children, also make sure to give them an idea of when you will be available, so they can begin understanding when you cannot available. Also, make sure during this honest moment you are being upfront and extending the appropriate amount of grace to yourself.

Resources are your friend

Do not feel you have to tackle this new work from home season on your own. If you find yourself struggling, remember there are resources you can utilize that are normally closer than you think. From your Employee Assistance Program(EAP), family and friends who wouldn’t mind connecting with your kids during the day for a reading sesh or game to the various apps out there that provide education and learning right at your fingertips. Technology can still bode well for both you and your kids during this time, from a virtual play date for them to a happy for you.

Self Care is still important

Taking time to invest in your own mental and physical health is imperative. This is doing what is required to prepare yourself to be the person your family and workplace need you to be. It’s not always easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of space, so you might need to be creative.


  • Add in physical activity like a walk, bike or run
  • Participate with your kids in one of their physical/outdoor activities
  • Take those moments to make your coffee or tea and set on the porch
  • Do a puzzle 
  • Read a few pages from that latest book
  • Meditate


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