MinTech Life: Walter Quarles, IT File Ops Manager


Written by Jacq

July 15, 2020

Walter Quarles is an IT Files Ops Manager whose journey into tech was a family thing. A native of St. Croix, Virgin Islands, and army kid, his road to tech was a natural fit that he has enjoyed over the last several years. Check out our interview with Walter as he shares her #MinTechLife.

Tell us how you got into tech? 

I got into tech through my father. He was an Information Technology Specialist in the army. That is pretty much how I got into tech. If it wasn’t for him, I am not sure technology would have been on my mind as a future career. I obtained my degree in Information Technology and Mobile App Development. 

“If it wasn’t for him (my Dad), I am not sure technology would have been on my mind as a future career.” 

Why did you trust MinTech to help you obtain your current tech role?

I was working for another company out of Dubuque, IA and my cousin, who is also with MinTech, gave me the alley-oop. He shared there was an opportunity with a firm that helped black and brown people get into tech. I decided, why not just throw my hat in the ring for this opportunity. And, the rest was history. 

What does a typical day look like, if we can really say typical at this point?

My day normally consists of a stand-up meeting with my team, what’s on everyone’s agenda and my own. From post-deployment meetings to gathering data for company reports. Centauri is a very data-driven healthcare company, so my responsibility includes a lot of management of key reports that are directed to upper management and core departments.

Plus, it has been great for me being able to currently work from home due to COVID-19. I enjoy getting to be with the family during the day. Working from home has allowed me to feel like I can get more done. 

What would be that one piece of advice for people seeking to break into the tech space?

Don’t get discouraged. I remember first telling my family that I was looking to go to school for tech. My parents of course were supported but my brothers were thinking it would be a little too hard and complicated. Then, I remember taking my first SQL course and it was such a natural thing for me to learn. I really had a knack for it, yet if I would have listened to some people in my family I could have been discouraged not to even move forward with pursuing my dreams.

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