4 Things Every Recruiter Looks For On Your Tech Resume


Written by Jacq

June 24, 2020

6 seconds! This is how long a recruiter gives to each resume they review to determine your qualifications. This is why your resume must immediately speak to why you are the best candidate for the job.  So, let’s make those 6 seconds count with these 4 things you should always include on your resume.



What’s your longevity looking like? Recruiters still want to see you are committed to doing the job they are hiring for. Your tenure in a company can definitely be indicative of this. Of course, in this age, we know people like to gain experiences through different companies but remember, it still counts to be at a job for a significant period of time.


The tech game is a game-changer and certifications level out the playing field. Then, it is not about your Ivy League degree or doctorate. Many times having the right certification can get you a seat at the interview table. The more certifications you have, the higher up you have the ability to go. Stay tuned, as we will share some of the top certifications to obtain in tech.


Accomplishments on your resume provide a time for you to shine, so hype yourself up. Let the recruiter know all you have done in your latest roles. Were you organized? Did you set up a new process? Share, how well you worked in a team but also knocked out independent projects. What are the key benefits you brought to the organization and role? It’s great to list out your accomplishments as action items/bullet points. This helps recruiters easily scan your resume and make a determination. To get started, begin with our list of questions shared above.

Digital Portfolio

A portfolio is a valuable addition to any resume, yet overlooked sometimes. Your portfolio lets you show off your work in a visual format. Recruiters can review quickly and gain a sense of your personality  There are several portfolio tools that showcase your work from Behance, Dribble, About.me to Coroflot. Take a look and let your work speak for itself.

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