MinTech Life: Paris Cornett, Jr. Developer


Written by Ashley

June 10, 2020

Paris Cornett is a healthcare professional turned Jr. Developer at Centauri. She is a current MinTech employee that landed her first tech role within 6 months of her completing a sought after bootcamp. Her journey to tech is one of betting on yourself and believing you can do it, so she did. Check out our interview with Paris as she shares her #MinTechLife.

You landed your first tech job in 6 months, that’s kind of a big deal! Can you share how? 

I made the leap last year after working in the healthcare industry. I was using EHR systems in my healthcare role but they were getting on my nerves, lol. The features never made sense and I was always wondering why it had to be like this. So I thought, why not learn how these systems actually worked in order for me to help in changing up some things. During this time, I was also seeing a lot of ads for coding bootcamps so I decided to bet on myself and apply. I decided, if I got in, that would be my sign to push forward and then I was accepted to a bootcamp at Vanderbilt. Fast forward, 6 months later, I was in my first tech job.

Why did you trust MinTech to help you obtain your first tech job?

I actually met Karen (MinTech’s CEO) at the demo day for my bootcamp. As a biracial woman, hearing that her company had a focus on diversity and inclusion, it just made sense for me as I wanted to continue to work in a diverse company culture. “Karen really rode hard for me to get this position and I do not think I could have obtained this role without her and MinTech.” 

“Karen really rode hard for me to get this position and I do not think I could have obtained this role without her and MinTech.” 

What does a typical day look like, if we can really say typical at this point?

First, I login and check all of my emails. Next, I go to our board as my company is super agile. Then, I am able to schedule out my day based on tasks that I am working on. Most of my tasks include debugging and working on existing code prior to sending over to quality. What is really cool, is that my team members are always online and I can message them in order to work through problems and tasks. Collaboration has been really important, especially now that our team is currently working from home.

How has your job in tech impacted your career journey and personal life?

All across the board, I feel so much more empowered. When you work in healthcare and you are not a doctor or nurse, there is not a whole lot of space for growth. I want to be financially independent and grow generational wealth, so having this role has opened me up to obtain that. It is amazing to know that once you have a job in tech for a year, you can truly go anywhere you want to go because there is always a need for tech and support of apps. Even now, during this pandemic tech is still hiring. Taking on this role really allowed me to see that I am even stronger and smarter than I realized. Providing me the confidence needed in the work that I do.

What would be that one piece of advice for people seeking to break into the tech space?

If you are scared and nervous, just do it. Betting on yourself will always pay off, because once you are in it, then you can’t turn back. Start giving yourself that same support that you provide to others, as you take this journey. 

Betting on yourself will always pay off, because once you are in it, then you can’t turn back.

There are also so many resources out there for you to take advantage of. I would highly suggest checking out Brad Traversy. He is a self-taught tech guru that touches on a lot of the popular topics from HTML, CSS to Javascript on his YouTube and brand page. I think I learned more from him than my bootcamp. 

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