The Must Watch Diversity and Inclusion Ted Talks Every Leader Should Watch


Written by Ashley

June 4, 2020

With more time on our hands, it is crucial to make the working environment healthier; with great diversity comes a healthy environment. In fact, 35% of companies with a diverse workforce outperform their competitors. Here are five Ted Talks that sum up how an active leader can succeed by making diversity, inclusion and belonging an intentional part of your culture.


1. What it takes to be a great leader

The backbone of prosperous businesses is strong leadership. What it takes to be a great leader is a Ted Talk answering three key questions- what they want to change, how diversity is important to their business, and how daring the company is- that all companies need to address to thrive.


2. 3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do

Stacey Abrams- the first black woman in the history of the US to be nominated by a majority party for governor- strives for creating change by creating goals. She emphasizes that 3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do: “What do I want? Why do I want it? And how do I get it?” Watch this Ted Talk for true inspiration on how to defy the odds.

Linda Hill

3. How to manage for collective creativity

Creativity is a gift given to the select few, but that is a myth. Watch How to manage for collective creativity to get insight on how everyone can get their creative juices flowing. With collective creativity, everyone, regardless of class or color, can work together to create an even better idea.


4. How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time

In Baratunde Thurston’s narrative, recognizing that “living while black” is a lifestyle that helps change fearful stories into helping stories. Thurston explains How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time, and how “living while black” allows leaders to grow their community to be more inclusive.

5. How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them

Diversity advocate Verna Myers examines the subconscious biases we hold towards the people that are not like us; however, it is crucial to acknowledge your biases and Walk boldly toward them.

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