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With MinTech Agency, your success is our top priority. You can be confident that MinTech is your next step in reaching your IT career goals!

At MinTech Agency, it’s mission-critical to identify and connect with companies that actually value diversity and the development of their employees.

We believe everyone deserves to work somewhere they are valued, respected, and developed. MinTech is dedicated to helping women and POC leaders in tech accomplish their career goals. Partner with us today to find an IT job you love!

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Data Engineer

Fully Remote. 2+ years of relevant experience. Capable of designing scalable solutions to complex data problems.

App. Security Engineer

Fully Remote. 5+ years of development and scripting experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Python, React, Salesforce, Apex

Lead Software Engineer

Fully Remote. 6+ years of experience as a Software Engineer. Proficient in Python.

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What are MinTech Agency’s candidates saying?

“It was something really surprising, I personally couldn’t have asked for a better experience with MinTech. I didn’t even know I wanted this opportunity but so glad it happened. With my previous employer I was passively looking, so thankful to have found this role because I love my company!”

M. Kinney

Software Developer, Possip

“As a biracial woman, hearing that her company had a focus on diversity and inclusion, it just made sense for me as I wanted to continue to work in a diverse company culture. “Karen really rode hard for me to get this position and I do not think I could have obtained this role without her and MinTech.”

P. Cornett

Software Developer, Centauri

“I’m very pleased working with MinTech Agency. They met all my needs with fast reply, follow-up and Karen was great to work with. She will text me randomly to check-in. I would certainly recommend MinTech Agency to anyone currently looking for employment.”

M. Makun

Software QA Analyst, Xsolis

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At MinTech, we value authenticity, honesty, and transparency. We advocate for People of Color (POC) in the IT industry, and we call out BS when we see it. We uplift POC, fight for inclusion, and are determined to help you reach your career goals. We’d love to partner with you in your technology job search!

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Search and apply for the role that best fits your experience and goals on our Tech Careers page.

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Speak with a MinTech recruiter to discuss the role and client details.

Step 3

Complete the client’s interview process.

Step 4

Accept the job offer and select a start date.

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