We want to partner with your school to bring Thrive In Tech Day to your students.

Host Thrive in Tech Day

We know black people and Latinos earn nearly 18 percent of computer science degrees but hold barely 5 percent of tech jobs.

The purpose of Thrive in Tech Day is to partner with your school to provide some much needed career readiness support and placement assistance.

MinTech is passionate about seeing minorities get the same opportunity for placement and advancement as others and we strive to be a stepping stone for just that.

Here is what our program has to offer your students:

  • Discuss career goals and planning
  • Resume critique and development
  • Professional headshots
  • Linkedin setup and usage
  • Interview skills
  • Soft Skills training
  • Help your students secure internships and entry level positions

How to get started?

Just click any of the Host Thrive in Tech Day buttons and schedule some time for us to discuss the event and also complete the questions attached to the schedule.