Where Diverse Tech Talent Thrives.

Diversity Breeds Success

IS YOUR COMPANY HIRING? Diversify with MinTech.

Nashville’s Only Diversity Focused Tech Recruiting Company.

MinTech Agency is a Tech Diversity Recruiting & Staffing Company that connects Black and Latinx tech talent to entry level tech roles along with some mid to senior level roles. Our focus is non-traditional talent that is self-taught, attended a tech bootcamp or software school. These candidates have a much harder time securing great roles due to the non-traditional path.

We know great talent can come from all training mediums and we are passionate about showcasing the variety of talent and skills that these candidates have alongside our college trained candidates.

Showcase Candidates Talents and Skills 

We work with candidates to understand their career goals and to assist them with identifying and landing internships, entry level and mid to senior level roles.

We create unique ways to showcase our candidate’s skills and the assets they would bring to any team.

Connecting Candidates To New Opportunities

We work with organizations to recruit and hire diverse tech talent for their current and future roles. We not only serve as a strategic partner in filling current roles but we also recruit and prep talent for future roles.

Allowing us to line up new opportunities for our candidates that fit their diverse backgrounds.